1) Give someone a gift, for no reason at all.

Is there something your parents used to do or say when you were growing up that you promised yourself you’d never do? Do you catch yourself doing this very thing now, and how do you feel about it?


“I’m surprised each time I unplug at how much more engaged I am in my conversations with people and my weekend experiences, whether it be hiking with my dogs, dining with friends, or laying out on my deck. Freedom from wondering whether that buzz in my purse is a text message, an e-mail, or an important (but most likely not important) phone call creates so much more time to be alone with my thoughts, to listen uninterrupted, and to observe those things around me that typically go unnoticed. It is not simply the time spent away from vigorously exercising my thumbs to respond to each text, e-mail or call, but also the space that is created when not anticipating these interruptions.” (Lindsay Ryan)


As Noah Allison reminds us, “the Eastside is not and never shall be Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and no, not even Echo Park.” Yea, we get it, so this week we’re venturing across the LA River guided by Noah’s 5 culinary signposts for a walking food tour of Boyle Heights featuring history, culture, and food, glorious food! We’re stealing this one from KCRW, and are mouth-wateringly excited to visit the distant center of the city we call home. We highly recommend you read this, it will make you excited too!

Nice weather in April means we’re heading to the shore in Point Reyes. It’s a bit of a choose your own adventure out there, and all paths are spectacular. We’re most excited about a delicious oyster (and other food too) picnic at either legendary oyster farm Hog Island Oysters or Tomales Bay Oyster, and a hike through the pristine hills or beaches. And all this would ignore the historic Point Reyes lighthouse. Now a museum, it was a mariner’s haven on the windiest point on the Pacific, and the second foggiest in North America, from 1870-1975, and is worth the curiousity. All the info you’ll need to shape your seaside escapade is here:

Aha! Been needing a place like this and it’s here. Brooklyn’s new Dekalb Market looks to be a proper outdoor event/music/food/art/retail/film space with an eye toward architecture, art, and sustainability. And to celebrate their opening, they’re throwing us a weekend party complete with local bands, local brews, local foods, local goods, oh, and sangria. See you there. We’ll be surrounded by recycled shipping containers, sitting in the sun.

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