Write a letter or send a package to someone you know deployed or stationed overseas. Don’t know anyone? Use one of these websites to select a pen pal or write to an anonymous soldier: http://www.anysoldier.com/


If you were given a free trip with three people you haven’t seen in over five years, who would you take and where would you go?


“When I was deployed in Afghanistan, my closest tie to UNDO was the Taliban controlled phone towers in Garmshir. At 3:00 PM the boss can no longer reach you from Kabul because they shut phone connectivity down until 9:00 AM the next morning – not sure why they choose those hours, but it’s clockwork. Although this is obviously viewed as an impediment to the mission by the senior brass, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that once the clock hits 3 you have no bars left on your government cell phone and answers to the newest powerpoint slide will just have to wait until tomorrow. So you find yourself drinking chai tea and chatting about family and friends with strangers you never would have imagined meeting, and for a few hours forget where you are.” (Lt. Tim O’Hair)


Visit the oldest commercial building remaining in downtown LA, built in 1893 – the Bradbury Building – which many consider to be the first truly modern structure in Los Angeles. While it may not look like much from the outside, step inside and explore the light-filled Victorian Court and open cage elevators. Complete your trip downtown by stopping for sushi at Sushi Gen or Slippery Shrimp at Yang Chow’s.


Who needs Napa when you have Treasure Island? Over the last few years, TI has been earning its reputation for pouring great wine. Although the grapes are grown elsewhere, the wine is produced, bottled and consumed in large, open warehouses on the island. Leave your car behind and get there by way of the Muni 108. Make your way from The Winery SF, to Treasure Island Wines, to Eristavi Winery, and finish the day at Fat Grape Winery. Sip safely. For more details and transportation tips: http://www.weekendsherpa.com/stories/treasure-island-wine-tasting/


Take the train to Beacon, NY and enjoy contemporary art (1960s to present) at the Dia: Beacon, Riggio Galleries. The museum is housed in a former Nabisco printing factory, and features installations of works by some of the most significant artists of the last half century. After you take in the art, don’t leave Beacon just yet. Take a shuttle from the museum and visit the town’s historic Main Street to peruse the artisanal shops and galleries, or get a bite to eat. For visitor information:  http://www.diacenter.org/sites/main/beacon. For train information (with admission+train packages): http://www.mta.info/mnr/html/getaways/outbound_diabeacon.htm

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