Hey UNDOers –

A quick note to fill you in on some changes with The UNDO List.

This month marks our one-year anniversary. We want to thank everyone who’s been playing along, especially the folks at Reboot and Modry Design.

As we go forward, we’ve decided to scale back. Starting this Friday, we’re going from a weekly list to periodic emails (probably monthly but more when/if inspiration strikes).

All of which means that UNDO will cease to be a weekly reminder but will continue to be an ongoing resource for ideas and inspiration. To that end, we’ve posted a new BEST OF section on the website that lists all our DOs, ASKs and outing ideas in one place. Check it whenever you need some help or encouragement in planning your UNDO day.

We encourage you to contribute your own content and we’d love to use your ideas for future posts. Get involved by sending us some of your ideas, or better yet post your UNDOings on our Facebook page. Your postings will find their way onto the UNDO site.

We welcome your suggestions and participation as UNDO evolves.

All our best,







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