It’s time to clean out the closets but this year instead of just dropping bags off at Goodwill, try giving away an item that’s suitable for re-purposing to a friend, neighbor, or someone in need.

What personal behavior or way of thinking would you like to be rid of? Can you replace it with something else?

“Gardening is how I unplug. My one-row urban garden is a simple, messy sanctuary. It always humbles me. As I pick weeds one by one. As some veggies thrive and others die. The recipe: Find some dirt and a couple seeds. Plant. Water. Watch. Stand back. Hands on hips. Breathe. Nod. Repeat. Warning: This may result in a startling happiness. Proceed with caution.” (Josh Feldman)


The California dogfish. The Spicebush Swallowtail. And of course, The Monarch. Yep, the butterflies are back. From April to September, The National History Museum plays host to over 53 different butterfly and moth species that take up residence in this ever-popular seasonal exhibit, The Butterfly Pavilion. A perfect spring outing. Advanced tickets encouraged. More details here.

We live in “the city by the bay” and we’re feeling called to visit its unspoiled shoreline. Specifically, we’re headed to Marin County to The Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Tiburon. With 11 acres of uplands and 900 acres of submerged lands, this stunning slice of nature is home to thousands of migratory birds and beautiful trails. Complete the visit with lunch on the water at Sam’s Cafe for a fantastic view, fresh oysters or pan-roasted mussels, and, of course, a stellar wine list. Cheers.

This is not just any street fair; this one has history. Housed on the grounds of NYC’s largest pushcart market at the turn of the century, The Hester Street Fair pays tribute to those Lower East Side roots by bringing together the city’s top vendors in a bustling outdoor marketplace. Artisanal food, vintage clothing, jewelry, crafts, and more. Details here.

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