Engage in a summer childlike activity. Fly a kite. Run through a sprinkler. Build a sandcastle.

If you could travel anywhere today, right at this moment, where would you go?

“As someone who studies and teaches religion for a living, I honestly believe that unplugging for one day a week is THE MOST RELEVANT practice traditional society has to offer to modern life. In an age when most people struggle to find any meaning in all the particulars of archaic religious doctrine, this idea of putting down electronic devices for just 24 hours, once a week, suddenly emerges as a notion that seems to have been conceived for this very moment in time. Indeed, it could be the very thing that saves us from collective insanity.” (Rabbi David Kasher)

Pool hopping Malibu-style could not be better. The Annenberg Community Beach House is open for the season. Hang out by the pool, grab some lunch at Back on the Beach, and visit the Marion Davies Guest House next door–all from one spot. Reservations are not required but it’s a pretty popular summer destination, so we’re gonna plan ahead. $4 for kids; $10 for adults. More details here.

We’re headed to San Rafael to check out the Terra Linda Pool. Bring the little ones for Tot Pool, renew your Olympic dreams by swimming Master Laps, or get adventurous and check out Aqua Zumba. Yes, that exists. $7 for kids; $9 for Adults. More details here.

Pick a pool, any pool. NYC has an array of free outdoor swimming holes to choose from, spanning all of the boroughs. Read a little about the history of New York’s outdoor pools here. For all the details and locations, click here. We’ll see you in the deep end.

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One thought on “7/5/13

  1. A nine-mile hike up Kootenai Creek, a good book, farmer’s market salad.