Write down your five top fears. Take a step toward tackling one item from your list.

If you could either possess the power of invisibility OR the ability to fly, which would you choose and why?

“As someone who’s never had a 9-5 job – I’ve always worked every day of the week, either traveling or simply available online – I place a huge value on unplugging. I grew up Shomer Shabbat, so I know how to relax sans technology and I love the weekend Times. But today, my version of unplugging is sleeping with my phone far away from my bed, hopping on a train to Cold Spring for a day hike, going to yoga. It’s when I clear my head by unplugging that I’m most creative, a better listener, and most aware.” (Danya Cheskis-Gold)

Park your car at the end of Beechwood Canyon and experience Griffith Park from a different vantage point – atop one of the very friendly and docile horses at Sunset Ranch Hollywood. A guided tour of one or two hours takes you through the park, where you’ll leave the noise of the city behind and enjoy views of the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory and downtown. Your guide peppers the ride with interesting tidbits about the Park’s benefactor,¬†Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, (yes, that was his name)¬†for a little LA history along the way.

McNear’s Beach in San Rafael is a total find. This 55-acre regional park’s facilities include picnic areas, tennis courts and access for kayaks and canoes. It also boasts an extremely popular fishing pier. It’s been some time (or ever!) since we grabbed a tackle box and fishing pole – a refreshing way to slow down on a weekend afternoon. If fishing’s not your thing, a fall picnic at the beach sounds dreamy too. Details here.

Biking in Central Park is a pretty perfect way to spend an unplugged autumn afternoon. Central Park Bike Tours provide you with a bike, helmet and guide who takes you along scenic paths at a casual pace, highlighting landmarks and attractions along the way. Take your pick for a one or two-hour tour. Details here.

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