Share something with a friend or family member. A piece of advice. Your time. A meal.

What three things do you need in order to thrive in your life? Are you giving yourself these things?

“I don’t want to call it a resolution because that might jinx it. But on my calendar, each week I am crossing out one day – in this case Saturday – for nothing. No plans. A day of rest, yes that’s the idea. But also a day different from the rest of the week without to do’s or calls to make or appointments to attend. A day for re-charging and for spontaneity.” (Emily)

Get thee some poetry. Beyond Baroque is a little gem of a place in Venice and is considered LA’s leading literary arts center. Founded in 1968, it offers a diverse variety of literary and arts programming including readings, workshops, new music and education. This Saturday, January 4th we’re excited to check out Poetry in Motion with Judd Nelson, Rick Shapiro, Jen Lynch and others. Details about other upcoming events here. Head over early and watch the sun set over the Venice canals. Stay after and hit Abbot Kinney for a cocktail or dessert – plus plenty of people watching.

The Exploratorium is an explosion of art, science, ideas and events. Basically, it’s totally cool and we can’t wait to go. In January, check out Comfort Zone, an interactive installation that integrates choreography into a virtual experience. The installation invites you to use your body to playfully explore group dynamics, choice, and social boundaries. Experiment with movement, posture, mood, and social interaction to explore the edges of your own comfort zones – exactly what we need. Check out Gott’s Roadside afterwards to decompress over fish tacos or a grass-fed burger.

 UNDO’ing often means indulging your inner child and this is too perfect to pass up. Follow up your Sunday brunch with a dose of your favorite childhood games – played on the streets of the Financial District. Yes, it’s the 9th Annual Freeze Tag event on Wall Street, January 12th. If you’ve forgotten how to play, no worries. You will be newly instructed in the ways of Freeze Tag, Red Rover and more. Adult drinks at a nearby pub will undoubtedly follow.
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