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If you were a doctor, which condition or disease would you cure and why?

“We live in an always ‘on’ society. It’s hard to hear yourself think. And even harder to listen to the inner voice that really wants to guide you. When we’re endlessly plugged-in, that voice shrinks from a whisper to silence. I unplug so I can cultivate the inner conversation and hear the wise guidance from my heart and soul.” (Gemini Adams, author of The Facebook Diet)

If you don’t know about the Getty Family Festivals, you should. It’s like The Getty Museum on steroids. Not only do you have the regular spectacular-ness of the museum and the garden and the cafe, but there’s so much more. On Saturday June 8th, the festival theme is Gardens of the Renaissance which corresponds to the current exhibit. The day-long event includes performances, music and hands-on workshops. Renaissance wreath-making and personalized postcards that remind us of another era? Yes.

We’re heading to the Hyde Street Pier to check out the San Francisco Maritime Museum. This area has a plethora of activities to choose from. On the first Saturday evening of the month, join in a public “Sea Chantey” sing-a-long. We’re bringing mugs for the hot cider. Take a tour of the majestic three-masted 19th century ship The Balclutha. Bring the kids along for a picnic. Or just enjoy a walk down the pier for a spectacular view of the city. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can always hop a boat to Alcatraz.

We’ve just discovered Socrates Scupture Park and our first thought was, who knew? All summer long the calendar is jam-packed with a varied line-up of art and culture including dance, opera, free Shakespeare in the park and movie nights. This weekend, we’ll be checking out the current exhibit Do It Outside (which runs through July 7) and nibbling our way through the amazing Farmer’s Market. Long Island City, here we come.

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