Do I have to subscribe? What happens when I subscribe? How many emails am I going to get?

The UNDO List was born from The National Day of Unplugging and we are returning to our roots. You can find us on Facebook here. We hope you will join us so we can continue to grow this community together.

This all seems suspiciously religious – is it?

Not really. While we recognize that observing a day apart from the week is less than “original” (maybe a couple thousand years old), UNDO is meant to be a creative, non-religious attempt to get the best out of an ancient idea – a day of rest, unplugging, introspection . . . a day for ourselves in a modern, technology-driven world.

What is “unplugging?” Is it absolutely required? Can I still use my phone?

UNDOing has no “requirements,” only suggestions and ideas for how to create a meaningful and rewarding day. Unplugging refers to disconnecting from technology (phones, computers, etc) and is one of the main ways we’ve found to achieve a clean break from the rest of the week and get into a different headspace. Some of us avoid screens, others avoid computers but not eReaders, a few of us have complicated rules about what’s OK to use when. If your phone or computer is a part of your unplugging experience, that’s great. SHARE it.

How can I submit ideas? What is “SHARING?”

You’re encouraged to SHARE your experiences on the UNDO Facebook page (post pictures, thoughts, ideas) or our Twitter Feed. Let everyone else know what’s working for you, and what isn’t.