UNDO is what to do when you unplug.

The UNDO List was published weekly and then monthly for two years. The project was born from a Reboot project called The National Day of Unplugging and we are returning to our roots. You can find us on Facebook here. We hope you will join us so we can continue to grow this community together.

Please visit us here where you can sign up for regular email updates on all things unplugging related and tap into the global community of UNDO’ers. The National Day of Unplugging is coming up on March 7-8, 2014. We invite you to participate in this growing movement.

Of course, you can still visit the UNDO Facebook page to share stories, feedback, doodles, photos and whatever else comes of your days spent unplugged. Follow us on Twitter and when you post your thoughts, photos, notes or reflections about your unplugging experiences, make sure to tag us.

UNDO was created by people attempting to set aside a day apart from the rest of the week. For most of us, unplugging means that sundown to sundown, Friday to Saturday, we slow down, avoid technology and reconnect with what’s important to us. Some of us follow the principles of the Sabbath Manifesto. Others have our own day of unplugging routines. There isn’t any one way to do it. UNDO is about making it up as we go along.

UNDO remains many things to many people. It is:
• An archive of ideas, questions and assignments to help you observe a day of unplugging.
• A technology-assisted tool to alleviate a technology-related problem.
• Free. Now and always.